Global FemArt aims to develop specific support for the entrepreneurial development of female artists and creatives, through a holistic programme combining online training and mentoring. The training programme will enable female artists and creatives to develop their understanding of how to run and develop a creative business, as well as strengthening their self-confidence and self-efficacy.

Global FemArt will also help female artists and creatives to take the next steps within their business, encouraging them to move towards a more globalised trade.

This will be in line with the EU 2020 Strategy for Growth and Jobs, which aims to build a cultural sector capable of increasingly contributing to employment and growth across Europe.


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Female Artists and Creatives have spoken!

UK results and what’s to come! Female Artists and Creatives in the UK are underrepresented in almost all of the creative sectors. From the lack of female-made art in London galleries, to the minimal representation of women in higher positions in creative fields,...

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Me inside the digital world

by Anna Ochmann A huge, rectangular industrial hall — Silesia of my childhood is peppered with them. But this one differs from a typical factory hall. The cleanliness and intense glow of fluorescent lamps make you feel like you are not in a hall, but rather in an...

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Focus Group for Global FemART

Foundation ARTeria organised a meeting of a Focus Group for the“Global FemArt – Supporting Female Artists and Creatives to Globalise their Business” project on 14th May 2019 in Kurort Qultury Gajowa 9, in Zabrze, Poland. The main aim of the session was an in-depth...

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