The Global FemART project has come to the end of its funded period, but what an adventure it has been! Over the past couple of years, partner organisations in the UK, Italy, Poland, Spain and Belgium have met so many incredible artists and creatives, had the pleasure on conducting the Artist Circles™ with them and enabling so many others to explore the Global FemART modules on the learning and networking platform!

Over 50 female artists and creatives were involved in the Artist Circles™, exploring their goals and next steps towards business development, growth and internationalisation! Moreover, the partnership developed a multifunctional platform for artists and creatives, giving access to a multitude of learning modules, resources and quizzes to test knowledge, as well as a space to promote work, websites and network with other artists and creatives! With the help of 55 artists and creatives, this platform has been developed and finalised with the current needs of artists in mind.

Why not create your own profile and post about your own creative business – you never know where it could take you!

This project has also allowed the partnership to host events to showcase the project results in each of the partner countries, as well as an online International Networking Circle, which enabled artists and creatives to continue networking, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

And finally, this project recently hosted an online Exhibition Event to showcase amazing artistic and creative talent! As part of this event, an Exhibition Booklet was developed. Check it out here.

If you were not able to attend the online exhibition event, do not worry! You can watch the recording via the Global FemART YouTube channel:

Whilst the project may be coming to an end, all the developed materials are still available to use, including the learning platform, Artist Circles™ guide to facilitation and all the developed resources from the partnership! Head to the Global FemART website to see everything on offer, including how to access the Learning and Networking Platform!