The Global FemART Artist Circles™ in the UK

The Global FemART Artist Circles™ in the UK

In Sheffield, Inova Consultancy hosted the first piloting phase of the Global FemART Artist Circlesfrom December 2019 to January 2020. Over the course of four sessions, seven amazing and inspiring ladies came together to discuss their experiences and challenges in developing their creative business and how they would like to go international.

These sessions were attended by a diverse group of women, all working in the creative field. Among the ladies were painters, a writer, a light installation artist, community artists, art teachers, a bespoke textile artist and a mixed media artist. During the sessions, each of the women developed their own International Action Plan, to help guide their journey to internationalise their business.

All of the women were very positive about this experience and expressed how the Artist Circles™ had helped them personally and with their business plans:

The exercises and support have helped me to develop my business plan and ideas” – One of the main aims of the Circles methodology is to provide participants with support in their development, both personally and professionally.

Good to feel less isolated as an artist”;

It was good to meet other artists and connect over similar fears/confidences”;

Talking with other artists and sharing ideas in a safe space was really helpful and inspiring – these sessions bring together ladies with a similar background (artists and creatives) to network and support each other in their development.

Taking random thoughts and dreams and guiding them into achievable, practical steps”;

Encouraged me to think BIG and not limit myself” – Once the sessions have been completed, participants should feel more confident in pursuing their goals in a manageable, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) way.

Overall, the first piloting of the Global FemART Artist Circles™ in the UK has been a huge success! The UK, Poland, Italy and Spain will be hosting a second round of the Artist Circles™ in 2020, so like the Global FemART Facebook Page to keep updated!