‘Inspirational and Motivating!’

Monday 22nd March 2021 marked the ‘International Networking Circle’, a one off event by the Global FemART Erasmus+ project. In response to  Covid-19 restrictions, this event was successfully held on Zoom, and proved to be an enriching and overwhelmingly positive experience for all.

The International Networking Circle was hosted by 4 of the 5 European partners involved in the project: Inova Consultancy (UK), ARTeria (Poland), Materhub (Italy) and FyG Consultores (Spain). The participants included 13 artists and creatives from across the four partner countries, many of whom had previously attended the Global FemART Artist CirclesTM.

The event was designed to allow female artists and creatives to meet and share experiences with each other, as well as offer tips as female business owners and developers. Furthermore, each artist was allocated time to share her business and creative work with the group. This proved to be an incredibly encouraging and celebratory process for all involved. During the session, participants also created mind maps and vision boards in order to reflect on their business and plan how they would like it to develop and expand in the future, in regard to globalisation and internationalisation. Following this, they were invited to share their mind maps, which opened up further group discussion. After this, the women were given the opportunity to network with each other outside of the official event, as the Zoom room was kept open.

Facilitators and partners alike highlighted the great success of the event, commenting on the positive delivery and how useful online working was and would be in supporting the sustainability of networking between female artists and creatives, especially during this
Covid period. Likewise,the evaluations and testimonials provided by participants made it clear that they enjoyed the event immensely. Here are some of the comments below:

“This meeting has been very enriching. We met with women from different countries interested in art and culture and we all shared our experiences”

“Inspirational and motivating”

 “It is very inspiring to see how they [female artists] have developed their projects, each one in a different way. They are an example to follow for young women who intend to start their own personal project”

Overall, the Global FemART International Networking Circle was a brilliant opportunity to allow female artists and creatives from across Europe to come together online, against the odds of the pandemic, in an enriching environment and celebrate their success, talent and achievements.