At FyG Consultores we support the professional and personal development of artist and creative women. To reach this goal, we are part of the Global project FemArt, in which we participate with partners from different European countries: Materahub in Italy, Artery in Poland, Odisee of Belgium and Innova Consultancy UK.

Global FemArt aims to make it easier for creative women entrepreneurs to develop their business by creating a program that combines mentoring and online training. Thus, we want to promote the increase of personal and professional confidence of creative women, and provide them with tools for their business to grow. To achieve this, the project is divided into two parts: the first part, which is being developed now, aims to know and analyze firsthand the needs of women in the sector so later, during the second part, start promoting a quality training program, networking events and mentoring.

From FyG we are ready to start, so on April 24 we organized a group discussion (Focus Group) in our offices, having the pleasure of including the participation of creative women from different profiles. During one afternoon, we were able to know the needs and desires of different entrepreneurs, which was very inspiring and fruitful, both for us and for them. Thus, a very interesting debate was created in which they told us about them, their experiences and stories. It was debated about the challenges they deal with  day by day, however, we discovered that they all had a common goal, to see their creative projects grow, improving their capacities related to the business world, and contributing something different to the market.

The FyG Team wants to thank all the women that joined us that day.

This is just the beggining of Global FemArt, we are looking forward organizing more events, ¡Stay tuned!