Article by ARTeria

Women as leaders are known for their empathy, consistency and encouraging staff to collaboration. Additionally, women who happen to be artists are full of creativity, high self-esteem as well as open-minds.

Art enables us to share thoughts, visions and ideas that may not be able articulate in any other way. The skills gained through practising art can be used in creating businesses of your own.

As a good example, we could give a figure of a great female entrepreneur, Sylwia Dąbrowska.

Dąbrowska is a theatre instructor, drama teacher and graduates from The Academy for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice. Under the nickname „Teacherka (”, she prospers as an adviser for people who are bound to start their journeys as stage performers or in front of cameras.

Due to her over 12 year of experience with theatre, she’s able to help those, who suffers from stage fright or just lack in the knowledge of a „proper presence” on stage or via video live. Except for offering online courses in the field of camera presence and fighting stage fright, she creates mentoring plans for growing businesses.

Sylwia Dąbrowska is an illustrative example of a female artist, who was able to billow her artistic experience into a developing business.